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With the increased number of people importing cars, trucks, motorcycles etc, many companies have come up to offer hauling and freighting services. However, it is not everyday that you will find a company that delivers just as it promises to. This is not the same with JMN Logistics. In fact you are better off getting the services of JMN Logistics than any other hauling and freighting company. Question is, ‘why would I let JMN Logistics ship my car to me?’ There are many answers to this question.

JMN Logistics

For starters, JMN Logistics has been around for many years now, 35 years to be precise, shipping trucks, ATV’s, RV’s, boats and even motorcycles. With all this experience nothing can ever go wrong. This is coupled by the fact that JMN Logistics has staff members who are very experienced and boast of the knowledge and professionalism to have the job done to the best every time. With all this professionalism, the rates are still affordable.

JMN Logistics is committed to offer all its customers with services that are up to their expectations

and at the same time create a shipping experience that is comfortable and seamless by working closely with the clients to ensure that the vehicles they are having shipped are treated and transported according to the specifications given by them. The fact that JMN Logistics embraces the idea that customer relationships are important means that only qualified individuals are employed by the company. They need to be intelligent and open to the needs of the company’s clients.

You can be sure that your car will be safe when you ship it using services of JMN Logistics. There is always a written contract that has all the details including the car make and model, its origin and destination, dates of shipment and the total cost, all these prior to the shipping of the car. This way the clients are well informed on matters regarding the vehicle being shipped. Repeat clients are also offered special rates. Such rates also apply to military personnel, those shipping more than one vehicle and service men and women.

There are many services offered by JMN Logistics that may not be offered by competitors. Even if they offer these services they can not do it as well as JMN Logistics can. These include:Enclosed Car ShippingDoor-to-Door ServicesOpen Auto TransportTerminal to TerminalAuto Transport ServicesMotorcycle ShippingBoat TransportationInternational Auto Shipping

With the number of years JMN Logistics has been in the field,

you can be sure to get the highest quality and most reliable services when it comes to shipping your car. This is due to the fact that JMN Logistics is among the largest and most trusted shipping companies with the capacity to handle all the steps of the vehicles movement from the pick up to the destination of choice. It is therefore wise to use JMN Logistics for all your shipping needs and not only when you want to ship a car. We offer the best services to our clients.
JMN Logistics  1-877-566-4285

JMN Logistics

2050 Creve Coeur Mill Road  Maryland Heights, MO 63043 – USA